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    Membership Types

Professional Members: Must be licensed to practice acupuncture and/or Oriental medicine in the State of Utah. Practitioners such as M.D.’s , N.D.’s, D.O.’s, P.A.-C.’s, and A.R.N.P.’s with equivalent training in acupuncture or East Asian medicine may apply for Professional standing, and will be considered by the Board of Directors of the association. Membership applications to UAEAM must be approved by the Board of Directors and applicants must remit an annual membership fee as set by the Board of Directors. Professional members in good standing shall be the only voting members of UAA. Professional members are entitled to one vote upon each issue submitted to the members. Professional members agree to practice within the guidelines of the code of ethics and standards of practice as defined by the Division of Public Licensing of the state of Utah.

1st Year Practitioner: same categorization as professional member, but is within the first year of practice. 

Associate Members: Individuals or organizations interested in the development, practice, promotion, teaching or research of acupuncture and East Asian medicine who have applied, been approved by the Board of Directors and submitted an annual fee as determined by the Board of Directors. Members in this category are welcomed at all general meetings and may serve on committees created by the Board of Directors but have no vote in elections or on issues submitted to the membership.

Allied Professional Health Members: individuals licensed, certified, or registered in an allied health care field regulated by state law who wish to support or help advance the East Asian Medical field. Their rights are the same as Associate members.

Business/Organization Member: this level is for any business or institution that supports the interests of the UAEAM. Membership is a non-voting role. 

Honorary Members: Individuals or organizations who are nominated and approved by vote of the Board of Directors to be recognized by the UAEAM for their contributions in the field of acupuncture and East Asian medicine. Honorary members will be categorized as having or have had a Utah License, grandfathered in before April 2013 and are a current resident of the State of Utah. This is a non-voting member. 

Why Join UAEAM? 

To support UAEAM in its mission to: 

    • Uphold high professional ethics and standards of care

    • Support legislation to advance the profession, and promote professional standards and public safety.

    • Educate the general public, as well as, other professions about acupuncture and East Asian Medicine

    • Support clinical research regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture

    • Provide continuing education programs to Licensed Acupuncturists

    • Support students of acupuncture and East Asian Medicine


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